Daffodil Watch

No, Its not Spring time yet, but we planted our daffodil bulbs now so that they have time to grow and be ready for Spring.

We needed compost and daffodil bulbs, they are not seeds and they look a bit like onions. At the end of each bulb it has roots so that the bulb can soak up food and water to help it grow.

20141114_135033_resized 20141114_125517_resized

We put compost into large pots and made a little hole for each bulb, we had to cover the bulb with a blanket of compost to keep it warm in the winter.

20141114_123725_resized 20141114_125453_resized

We are putting these pots outside where the rain will help the bulbs to grow into daffodils.

We will keep watching them over the next few months to look for any changes. When changes happen we will post it up here for you to look at.

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